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General Housing Information

The following is general information about Hudgins Realty rental houses and apartments.

Location Location Location!

All of our apartments, houses, duplexes, and townhouses are prime locations within 3 blocks of Grand River Avenue and across the street from the Michigan State Campus. A majority of our residences are also located in downtown East Lansing near the entertainment area.

Condition & Quality

At Hudgins Realty we pride ourselves on delivering a clean, high quality, and fully functioning home on move in day. We take two weeks to prepare each property after the previous tenants have moved out and before you move in. During this time we thoroughly repair damages and imperfections, make renovations and remodels as necessary, repaint all surfaces, and finally have the home cleaned by a professional company.

Rentals at Hudgins Realty are often the result of referrals by family or friends of past renters.  These recommendations are the highest compliment and testimony to the quality rental standards Hudgins family realty strives to deliver.


Parking is provided for tenants at ALL buildings, with no extra cost!!!

Features & Appliances

We have consistently upgraded and remodeled our homes, keeping them in top condition to provide a distraction free environment for MSU students. A majority of our properties have recently renovated kitchens and bathrooms as well as hardwood flooring.  Appliances are furnished in every residence. This includes a stove, refrigerator, garbage disposal, and for most units a microwave.  All houses provide a washer and dryer free of additional cost, and our apartment buildings provide free laundry in our on-site laundry facilities. STELLAR Broadband is provided free of cost at all our apartments, and in our houses it is installed and available to subscribe to when you move in. All of our houses and apartments have central air conditioning or an A/C unit.


Your utilities that we will turn on the day before you move in, and their respective providers, are gas (Consumers Energy), electric (Board of Water and Light), and water (City of East Lansing). STELLAR Broadband internet is also provided.

ApartmentsHeat, water, and STELLAR Broadband internet are all provided free of costs in our apartments! Electric is the responsibility of tenants in our apartments.

Houses/Duplexes/TownhousesThose living in houses are required to pay for their own heat, electric, water, and internet. For your convenience, in all of our houses we have installed STELLAR Broadband modems that allow tenants to immediately subscribe to and use STELLAR Broadband high-speed fiber optic 1GB internet.

  • Water – City of East Lansing: 517-337-1731
  • Gas – Consumers Energy: 1-800-477-5050
  • Electric – Board of Water & Light : 517-371-6006
  • Internet – STELLAR Broadband: 1-866-386-7778


Maintenance of our units has always been our strong suit! We pride ourselves on the quality of work performed for maintenance calls and the timely manner which it’s done.  Please don’t hesitate to ask current residents about their experience in regards to our maintenance.

Trash & Recycling

Trash and recycling pickup are provided for all tenants at all of our buildings, free of charge, in either the form of carts or dumpsters we provide. For houses using carts, the City of East Lansing picks up trash every week and recycling every other week.   For more information on this you can view the city of East Lansing website

Lawn & Snow Care

Lawn care is provided at all residences. This includes both grass cutting and leaf cleanup in the fall.  Snow removal on the driveways and sidewalks of our rental houses are a tenant’s responsibility in accordance with city code.  Snow removal services are provided for you at the apartment buildings. A snow removal service option is available for our tenants living in houses/duplexes/townhomes.

Leasing Process

If you are interested in renting from us and would like to begin that process or know more information, you can reach us by phone, email, or a walk-in visit. Our business hours are 10AM-5PM, Mon-Fri.

  • Office Phone: 517-575-0008
  • Email:
  • Office Address: 117 Gunson St, East Lansing. We are located right off of Grand River Avenue and you do not need to call or schedule and appointment before coming in.

A rental application form must be completely filled out and submitted by each person in your group prior to lease signing. We do not charge an application fee!! Be certain to list the street address of the home or apartment you are interested in leasing when you drop them off at our office. If no one is in the office please insert the applications through the mail slot in an envelope. Please consider listing more than one home or apartment on your application in the event one of your choices has been leased. We will call you when your rental applications are approved.  You must schedule an appointment within two days of the acceptance to sign the lease agreement.  Lease signing will take approximately one hour where we will go over and explain the lease. All members of your group must be present to sign lease. Photo ID and an initial deposit on Security Deposit/Cleaning Fee of $500.00 per person will be required when the rental agreement is signed. Balance due within two weeks or by agreement.

You can view or download the components of the lease agreement on our website under Leasing Requirements and Forms. It is composed of a) Rental Agreement; b) Rules and Regulations; c) Rental Supplement; d) Occupancy Log; e) City of East Lansing Addendum.


Rent is paid three times per year. The payment due dates are as follows:

  1. First Day of Lease Start – This date will typically fall within the first two weeks of August.
  2. December 1st
  3. April 1st

Payment Methods

We accept checks, credit/debit card payments, ACH payments, and payments through your tenant portal on RentRoom.

Checks – Please make all checks payable to DJH Realty and mail to 117 Gunson St. East Lansing, MI  48823

Credit/Debit – A 3% transaction fee is added to all credit/debit transactions on the amount due. Please call the office if you would like to use a credit/debit card.

ACH – A 1% fee with a maximum amount of $15.00 transaction fee is added to all ACH payments.  If you would like to pay by ACH please contact our office and we will send you an invoice in which you can pay online.

RentRoom – A $5.00 transaction fee is charged when paying rent through your RentRoom account.

Cash Payments are not accepted.

Security Deposit

For houses/duplex/townhouses, security deposits are the lesser of $1100.00 or 1 ½ months’ rent per person. A non-refundable (preparation) cleaning fee of $200.00 is also collected.

For apartments, security deposits are the equivalent of one month’s rent per person. A non-refundable (preparation) cleaning fee of $150.00 is also collected.

The balance of the security deposit and cleaning fees are due within two weeks of signing or by agreement.

If a security deposit is paid in advance of executing a lease agreement, and the signees opt to not sign the lease agreement, the Landlord reserves the right to retain the deposit made.


Tenants are allowed to sublet their rooms, however our office must be made aware and approve of a sublet before it can take place. If you are currently renting from us and would like to know more please call our office.


Our policy is no pets. We really like pets, just not in our rental dwelling units. We mean no pets, not for an hour, a day or an overnight.  Fish are fine.

Renters Insurance

The insurance we carry is for the building structures only and doesn’t include your belongings.  Check to see if your parent’s homeowner’s policy covers your possessions while away at school.  Rental content insurance is relatively inexpensive. We suggest you explore your options and obtain insurance to cover your belongings.